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This site was originally set up to acknowledge the tremendous help and support I received from my family and friends during some difficult years I spent in England, and to exhibit some of the work I did there.

After my return to Antigua in April 2005, I became a member of the Woods Gallery co-op and have exhibited at Woods Gallery, Harmony Hall and The Art Loft. In March 2008 I shared an exhibition at Woods Gallery with fellow artist Debbie Eckert. We are both passionate about the ocean and this interest was reflected in many of the pieces. We had lots of fun, and even had "Expression", an a capella choir, singing at our opening.To the left is the show poster. Unfortunatley the Woods Gallery and The Art Loft are now closed.

I am still loving being back in Antigua and wish I had more time for creative pursuits. Caribbean colors and culture inspire creativity. I have recently completed two new collage pieces: "Buckleys", which was a commission - and "Memories of You", a piece long in the making and inspired by the death of my mother in October 2009.

I hope you will enjoy the site. If anyone is interested in buying a piece, talking about a commission or making a comment, please hit the contact button below.

P.S. My book,"The Family Life of Brenda Greene", published by YouWriteOn as part of an Arts Council initiative, is available at Amazon.com. Please click on link for details.

The cut-paper collage at the top of this page is called "Going Home" and was inspired by emotions experienced on returning to the Caribbean. The to the left are called "Sunny Afternoon", "The Race", "Windy Afternoon","Buckleys" and "Memories of You". Amongst the background ideas for these d├ęcoupage pieces was a Victorian scrap screen owned by a friend in London. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger image.

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Sunny Afternoon The Race
Windy Afternoon Buckleys
Memories of You Going Home
Cut-paper Collage
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